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What Does Housekeeping Do?

Housekeeping is a department in hotels that strives to keep the environment sanitary and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, they provide guests with comfortable accommodations to stay at.

They are accountable for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, public areas, and back areas with the appropriate products and equipment.

Their duties may include managing a team of housekeepers, training and motivating employees, scheduling tasks, monitoring hotel property and inventory levels. They may also have to address guests’ complaints and issues.

Housekeeping staff must comprehend the scope of their responsibilities and be able to execute each task effectively, efficiently, and safely. Furthermore, they should possess excellent communication abilities in order to guarantee guests’ needs are met.

Furthermore, they should possess excellent organisational abilities so they can complete their tasks on schedule and to the highest standards. This entails keeping track of what needs to be cleaned/prepared for each room as well as making sure everyone has all necessary tools and resources to do their job well.

They need to communicate regularly with their colleagues, so it is essential that they use the correct language and terminology. This ensures consistency throughout all areas of the hotel as well as reducing miscommunication and errors.

Digital checklists are an effective way to guarantee all your employees are on the same page. They can be accessed from anywhere and updated instantly, eliminating any confusion or delay in the process.

Another helpful tool is a mobile inspection form. Grant your housekeeping staff access to this and they can document any damage that they observe while working around the hotel. Doing this helps identify issues quickly, preventing them from getting worse.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, which devastated the hospitality industry, customer expectations regarding hygiene levels increased significantly. As a result, customers became more likely to complain about their experiences at hotels and negative reviews could have an enormous impact on a business’ success.

One of the best ways to prevent these issues is ensuring your housekeeping staff are trained on how to use proper cleaning chemicals and products. They should never mix different materials or use one product for multiple jobs, and they should always use separate cloths for each task.

They should always keep all their tools and supplies close by so they can easily access them when necessary. A well-organized cleaning cart, for instance, makes it effortless to move essential cleaning products from room to room and get back to work on the task at hand.

Showing your staff that their work matters is a great idea. Regularly showing them customer feedback can emphasize its significance and motivate them to do their best work every day.

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