Some Common Misconceptions Regarding Pests and Pest Control.

In Elgin, the climate conditions are suitable for pests to thrive. The summers are warm, humid, and long, whereas the winters are windy, snowy, and freezing. And we experience partly cloudy weather year-round. Thus, it becomes essential for people living here to prevent pest infestations at their homes or commercial property. 

Find one professional Elgin pest control company and get assistance to deal with pest control in your home. However, there are some misconceptions among people that lead to ineffective and, at times, hazardous pest control practices. Therefore, in this blog, we will debunk the myths and misconceptions about pests and pest control to ensure you practice safe and effective pest control at your home. 

What are the misconceptions people have about pests and pest control?

Myths about pests and their elimination are not something new. For years, people have been believing lies. Some such misconceptions about pests and pest control are:

  1. They infest dirty spaces only.

Many people believe that pests infest only those homes that are unhygienic or dirty, but that is not true. Although dirty places are a major attraction for pests, clean homes can also become a target as pests such as cockroaches, rodents, or bedbugs seek food, shelter, and water. And they will infest any place that may fulfill their requirements. 

For example, ants are attracted to food particles, which does not indicate a dirty environment. Moreover, if there are cracks in your wall, open or loose window frames, or your doors are not sealed properly, they may also allow pests to make an entrance. Thus, it is necessary to seal all these possible entrances properly to prevent infestation.

  1. Professional pest control and DIY solutions are equally effective.

As many people started using DIY solutions, they believed them to be as effective as getting professional pest control. Although DIY methods and products may provide temporary relief from minor pests, they do not deal with major and more complex pest infestations in your home. 

Over-the-counter products such as sprays and traps may manage to get rid of the pests that are visible to you, but they do not eliminate hidden colonies and nests. Professional pest control deals with the root of the problem.

  1. You only require pest control in the summer.

Another misconception is that pests are only active in the warmer months of the year, which leads some people to believe that they only require pest control in the summer, whereas the fact is that different pests are active at different times of the year. While pests such as mosquitoes, ants, and flies are largely active in the summer, there are certain pests such as spiders, rodents, and some insects that seek shelter and warmth at your home during the colder seasons. Thus, pest control is required throughout the year, as letting your guard down during the winter may lead to unexpected infestations.

Consider talking to an expert!

Pests not only cause damage to your property but also spread infections that may lead to severe illnesses and diseases. Thus, it is recommended that you hire professionals to do the required job if you suspect a possible pest infestation.

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