What is Western Cockfighting? Instructions for Watching Online at New88

Western cockfighting is a prize-winning betting game that brings excitement and drama to players. Bettors will choose to place money on the chicken they think will win to challenge their luck. Nowadays, you can play via online website New88 instead of participating in traditional cockfighting matches in real life.

What is western cockfighting?

The West is quite famous for its cockfighting playgrounds for those who share the same passion. The outstanding feature of western cockfighting is the participation of excellent chicken breeds from Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Long An, Binh Duong, etc. These chicken breeds are the perfect combination of raising Free-range chickens with special fighting training from cock masters. Those who are passionate about cockfighting certainly cannot miss the dramatic and fierce western cockfighting matches.

Nowadays, players do not need to participate in cockfighting betting at outdoor venues like the traditional way of playing, but can watch it directly at online game portals. One of the leading reputable bookmakers in this field is New88.

Before starting any western cockfighting match, you need to place a bet on the fighting cock that you believe will win. Immediately after winning or losing, the loser will lose all the money they bet on as a bonus, and those who bet on winning the match correctly will receive a bonus amount many times greater than the amount they bet. The house will not validate any bets after the game results are announced.

Rules for a western cockfight

Western cockfighting also has the same playing principles as other types of prize-winning betting in the same field. However, there are still some different characteristics such as:

Make sure the fighting cock is eligible to compete

Cockers should choose chicken breeds that are big and strong and have aggressive fighting skills. Normally, chicken farmers should make sure their fighting chickens are disease-free and have enough physical strength to participate in competitions. Because Western cockfighting matches often require quite high physical requirements for the chickens participating in the competition. Those who do not have betting experience can observe the size and aggressiveness of the fighting cock to judge the final victory.

Time of competition

Normally the house will allow both sides to play within 10 to 15 minutes. During the match, your task is to observe and choose to place money on the chicken you believe will win. In some special cases such as when one side gives way and surrenders first or the two opposing sides are clearly unequal, the match may end earlier than usual.

Diverse types of betting

There are many different types of betting such as betting on cocks, on match time, on the number of matches that have taken place, etc. Usually, you will prioritize betting on winning or losing results because it saves time and drama. more valuable than other types. However, with each type of betting, players need to carefully study the betting principles and choose the western cockfighting character most wisely.

Fairness in betting bonuses

The match will be strictly monitored to ensure transparency and fairness for western cockfighting bettors. There will not be any cheating or favoritism between the two players. In addition, the battle stagesNew88 cockfighting Usually takes place under the observation of many people, so the results will be clearly announced immediately after the match ends. Therefore, it will be very difficult to detect favoritism or cheating behavior in cockfighting, which has a low rate.

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Instructions for participating in western cockfighting at New88

To meet the entertainment needs of Vietnamese players with this game, New88 is proud to be the online bookmaker that broadcasts almost every betting match nationwide. The matches will be completely live with HD images right on the house’s website. Players just need to watch and enjoy and choose the following actions to bet:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the New88 website. Make sure the information declared in the registration form is completely accurate so you can receive help if you have problems verifying your account.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account according to detailed instructions from the house.
  • Step 3: Access the game category “Western Cockfighting” and select the live tournament you want to participate in.
  • Step 4: Carefully observe the fighting cocks in the match. Based on the bettor’s own judgment, choose wisely the fighting cock that you believe will win.
  • Step 5: Follow the match and wait for the results from the house. If you are lucky, you will win a large amount of money, giving you the opportunity to change your life.


Western cockfighting is a new and attractive online entertainment playground from New88. The house is proud to be the leading reputable playing location, providing cockfighting enthusiasts with high quality experiences, services and products. Invite your friends and relatives to join in to have relaxing moments and earn attractive profits.

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