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Friendster – The Social Networking Site That Connects People Through Their Networks

Friendster is a social networking platform that links people through their friends’ networks. Launched in 2002, it has gained widespread acceptance across several countries. Originally designed to facilitate communication between old and new acquaintances from all corners of the globe, Friendster now allows users to make new ones as well.

Users on the site can create an account and share information with their friends, family and contacts of their friends. It also offers features like a photo gallery, groups and chat rooms for added social interaction.

It’s free to use the site, but you can upgrade your account for additional features such as mobile texting and photo sharing with friends.

This website offers many useful features that can help you connect with new people and get to know them better. It also offers social gaming, which is a fun way to pass time with your friends.

In 2003, it was one of the world’s most popular social network sites with millions of users worldwide. Unfortunately, its appeal waned over time until by 2006 it had almost become obsolete in many countries.

Today, it remains popular in Asia but not as widely-used in the US or other countries. The major cause for its decline was that it was losing users at an increasing rate; this made restoring traffic back to its former level a challenging endeavor.

Thankfully, the site has evolved and is now more user friendly and easier to use than before. It now has fewer cluttered pages than MySpace and provides additional applications like quizzes to keep users engaged.

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When it was initially released in 2002, it quickly gained global fame and millions of users from every corner of the globe. Unfortunately, its popularity faded over time, particularly in America where it almost entirely disappeared by 2009.

Rumors swirled that Friendster would be used for dating, but Jonathan Abrams denied this notion. He wanted to create an online community that emulated how relationships begin: through friends and family.

After being single for some time, he decided to create an online community where those searching for love or friendship could connect.

In 2002, Facebook was launched with the purpose of providing people from around the world a safe platform to connect and socialize with their old and new friends. It served as an open platform that allowed anyone to share personal information securely, enabling them to stay connected longer.

Once it launched, the website was an enormous hit and quickly attracted many of Silicon Valley’s elite. By raising a substantial amount of money and hiring many high-profile executives from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!, the company achieved great success.

At first, its success seemed so promising that it turned down $30 million from Google to purchase the site. Unfortunately, once it failed to gain traction in America, it quickly lost its position as a top social network site and was overtaken by MySpace in terms of page views.

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