Top 4 Simple and Most Effective Ways to Predict Baccarat 2023

Know How to predict Baccarat will help you increase your playing skills. Currently, on social networking sites there are many ways to predict fortunes, but they are still vague and mixed. For rookies who are just starting to learn about this card game, it will be quite difficult. Therefore, today Nhà cái will synthesize and reveal to everyone the simplest and most effective ways to predict Baccarat.

What is Baccarat prediction?

Not only do they not know how to predict Baccarat effectively, but there are probably still rookies who don’t know what Baccarat prediction is. Therefore, in this first part we will learn about the concept of this term. 

Baccarat prediction is a method of predicting the results of this prize-winning card game. In particular, predicting means that bettors will find out about the results of previous games. From there, list and analyze the rules to see what results appear. 

This method of prediction is very popular with bettors around the world, including the World famous Baccarat master. Because according to statistics from data from the house 789BET, if using Baccarat prediction method, the customer’s winning probability can reach 70%.

The simplest and most effective ways to predict Baccarat

To Get rich from Baccarat, surely you must have top prediction skills. In particular, the simplest and fastest way to improve your judgment skills is to learn more about Baccarat prediction as follows:

How to look at the bridge

The first way to predict Baccarat numbers that you should know is based on the bet. This is also one of those How to play Baccarat and never lose which we shared in the previous article. 

When you observe the same result in many consecutive games (up to 20 games), that is a bad bet. According to Baccarat experience from many people, the low bridge usually appears in the 4th or 5th game at that table. Thanks to the rules of the appearance of the bridge, people have a more accurate way to bet.

For example, the practical application of Baccarat prediction is that if the previous 4 games were all won by the Player, then in the 5th game, you should continue to bet on the Player. Place at this door until another winning door appears, then stop. 

In particular, for more advanced players, they often break the bridge in the 8th to 10th game. However, when they want to break the bridge, everyone must prepare enough capital to combine betting with the method. The more urgent it is, the more effective it will be.

How to follow the island bridge

The way to predict Baccarat according to the reverse bridge means you should constantly change your bets. For example, in the first game you bet on Bank, in the second game you bet on Kid, in the third game you bet on Bank, etc. Normally, around the 5th game, the player will win. It can be said that this is one of the Flexible Baccarat playing strategy Extremely interesting that all bettors should know.

In particular, when applying this Baccarat prediction method, you should learn more about how to make money. Because without a reasonable bet level, winning many games will not necessarily make a lot of money, losing many games will not necessarily mean a loss. 

In particular, the way to make money when looking at the island bridge is to base on the ratio 1:2:3. That is, if the first game bets 100K, then the second game bets 200K, and the third game bets 300K. If you still haven’t won, stop applying this method until you meet a new beautiful bridge.

Look at bridge 1-2 or 1-3

The next way to predict Baccarat is to predict 1-2 or 1-3. However, Advice for new Baccarat players You should limit playing this way, because it is relatively difficult. Especially for newbies, it is very difficult to distinguish the jumping bridge from the platform bridge. If you mistakenly apply this playing method, you will definitely lose.

The way to put money in when using Baccarat prediction according to jumping bridge (1-2 or 2-3) is that if this game wins, then the next game continues to bet with this level. If you lose, double or triple this bet.

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Look at the female side and the con side

The last way to predict Baccarat that you should know is based on the Cai and Con leanings. Just like its name, this method of prediction is based on the results table of previous games. If the number appears more, it means it is in favor of Cai. On the contrary, for the Son to appear more is to lean towards the Son.

After determining the table Baccarat If it’s a bet or a bet, then you should bet using the folding method with a ratio of 1:2:4:8. For example, if the result is in favor of Cai, then bet 100K in the first game, if you lose, bet 200K in the second game. If you still haven’t won, bet 400K on the third game, 800K on the fourth game, and stop until you win.


The above article of 789BET summarizes the top 4 in detail How to predict Baccarat the most effective today. Hopefully with these shares, you will be able to improve your card playing skills to a new level, thereby earning greater profits.

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