How to Play Keno Jun88: Enjoy Fun and Win Big Bonuses

Keno jun88 black is a name that many bettors have chosen every time they bet at the house. With this game you will satisfy your passion for numbers and also have the opportunity to win huge prizes in your pocket. Please join us for a detailed introduction how to play keno in the following article.

What is Keno Jun88?

This game originated from China and was introduced to Vietnam. The game is being integrated by many entertainment sites to serve players, including Jun88. The number of members accessing this betting site and participating in playing Keno is increasing day by day. There are many lucky players who have received extremely valuable rewards while playing the game.

The easiest way to play Keno at the house. 

When learning about Keno Jun88, you need to understand how to play this game. Accordingly, detailed information about the game is introduced in the most general way below.

Basic rules of online Keno game

The rules of the Keno Jun88 game are relatively simple. With just a few bets, you can get acquainted and confidently place money in the game.

Before the dealer starts drawing, you will have the task of choosing 20 numbers in the range from 1 to 80. After placing your money, the dealer will start drawing random numbers. When you finish drawing, compare, if the result matches your initial prediction you will win.

Compared to traditional Keno rules, there are not many differences. However, the biggest difference in the game is that the numbers are randomized from the system. This will help bring fairness and transparency to all players.

Betting options and reward rates of the game

For the Keno Jun88 game, there are many different types of bets. Below we have compiled information about betting options as well as detailed reward rates for your reference.

Bet Even, Odd

This is a form of bet calculated based on the total of 20 drawn numbers.

  • Place even: If the total of 20 pairs of numbers is even.
  • Place odd: If the sum of 20 pairs of numbers is odd.

The reward ratio for this case is 1:0.95.

Over/Under Betting

To determine the result of the Over/Under bet, people will rely on the number 810. Accordingly:

Bet Over: Calculate the total of 20 drawn numbers greater than 810.

Bet Under: Calculate the total of 20 drawn numbers to be less than 810.

If the total number is exactly 810, your bet will be returned. In the Over and Under bets, the reward ratio will be 1:0.95. 

Bet on Over Under and Tie

This form of bet will be specifically determined as follows.

  • Bet on: There are 10 or more numbers ranging from 1 to 40.
  • Place the lower bet: There are 10 or more numbers ranging from 41 – 80.
  • Tie Bet: There are a total of 10 numbers ranging from 1 to 40 and the remaining 10 numbers ranging from 41 to 80.

The payout ratio of Upper and Lower bets is 1:2.3. For Draw, the higher reward ratio is 1:4.3.

 Five Elements Bet

According to the rules of the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, there will be specific regulations regarding this bet when playing Keno Jun88:

  • Cua Kim: There are a total of 20 numbers ranging from 210 to 695. The reward ratio in this case is 1:9.2.
  • Cua Moc: The total of 20 numbers is about 696 to 763. The reward ratio is 1:4.8.
  • Cua Thuy: There are a total of 20 numbers ranging from 764 to 855. The reward ratio for this case is 1:2.4.
  • Cua Hoa: 20 drawn numbers have a total of 856 0 923. Bonus ratio 1:4.6.
  • Cua Tho: 20 randomly drawn numbers with a total of 924 to 1410. The corresponding winning ratio is 1:9.2.

Cross Bet

For Jun88 Keno Cross bets, there are the following specific cases.
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  • Odd Odds: When the total of 20 drawn numbers is an odd number greater than 810.
  • Place Small Odd: The total of 20 drawn numbers is an odd number less than 810.
  • Bet Even: The total of 20 numbers drawn is an even number greater than 810.
  • Place Small Even: The total of 20 randomly drawn numbers is an even number less than 810.

Cross bets will give high payout odds of up to 1:3.7.

Jade Ball Betting

With the Ngoc Cau bet at Keno Jun88, you will choose 5 random numbers in the range from 1 to 80 to predict the appearance of 20 pairs of numbers randomly drawn by the house. The winning cases and corresponding reward rates are:
Guessing a winning number wins at a rate of 1:3.3.

  • Guess correctly 2 numbers with prize bases 1:2.0, 1:2.3 and 1:10.3.
  • Guessing 3 numbers correctly has reward rates of 1:3.0, 1:6.0, 1:20.0.
  • Guessing 4 numbers correctly has a reward ratio of 1:21 and 1:51.
  • Correctly guessing 5 numbers corresponds to a reward ratio of 1:251.

Experience helps you win when playing Keno

If you are still wondering how to play Keno Jun88 to win big, you should refer to the experience below.

  • Combine and change multiple bets while playing. You should avoid holding on to just one bet if you don’t want to be left empty-handed.
  • You should constantly change the Keno table to have more opportunities to receive rewards at the house.
  • You should try the free versions first to help you have fun while learning your own skills.

Above is information about How to play Keno has been compiled. Hopefully the above sharing will help you get the most comprehensive view related to this game and bet with the most confidence. Let’s join Jun88 and share your feelings with us right away.

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