How to Play Dragon Tiger Online Win 80% With This Strategy!

The attraction of card games Dragon Tiger has never cooled down, especially in the Vietnamese market. Combined with the vibrant live atmosphere and the companionship of hot female dealers at New88, creating an attractive entertainment space that is hard to ignore. How can I play? Dragon Tiger online effective? Why should you play Dragon Tiger at New88 trang chủ? Let’s find out details through the article below!

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is also known as Dragon Tiger is a type of scoring card game that is extremely popular at the casinos casino online In the world. The way to participate in a card game is very simple, winning or losing is decided through card points, so the time for each game is very short, so the game is suitable for many different types of players.

In addition, the Dragon Tiger card game also attracts players because of the variety of betting options, players can freely choose the appropriate betting option, with extremely attractive payouts.

Nowadays, the Dragon Tiger card game is becoming more and more popular and reaching players more easily, thanks to the development of online bookmakers. Bringing players maximum convenience, freely placing bets anytime, anywhere without depending on traditional betting halls.

Dragon Tiger game rules – Dragon Tiger online

In the lobby WM casino of bookmaker New88, the online Dragon Tiger game will be held in a real casino betting hall, directly to players through the bookmaker New88 system. Here, players will be able to observe the entire process from shuffling cards, dealing cards, flipping cards, and announcing the results. All actions of the dealer will be closely monitored by the players themselves, through the high-quality transmission line of the bookmaker New88, ensuring transparency and benefits for each player participating in betting.

Online Dragon Tiger game will be used at the same time 8 decks of 52 cards like game baccarat online, after shuffling the cards, the first card will be removed before each round of dealing. In the Dragon Tiger card game, winning or losing is decided based on card points, regardless of card quality. Dealer will only divide 2 sides Long and Tiger, each side has only 1 card, players will bet based on the bets pre-determined by the house New88.

In the Dragon Tiger game, the cards will be arranged in order from smallest to largest A < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J < Q < K. After dealing the cards, players will place bets on the side they predict will win. When the cards are turned over, the side with the higher card wins. If both Long and Tiger have cards of the same value, it will be considered a Draw.

Betting options in the online Dragon Tiger game at New88

There are a total of 11 betting doors that will be opened from the start of a new round of cards. The new turn of cards will be counted from when the 8 decks are shuffled and the cards are dealt. 11 betting options with corresponding payout rates as follows:
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  • Door Dragon: payout rate 1:1, if you come out Tie, you will lose half of your bet.
  • Door Tiger: payout rate 1:1, if you come out Tie, you will lose half of your bet.
  • Door Draw: payout rate 1:8.
  • Door Odd dragon: payout rate 1:0,75.
  • Door Dragon even: payout rate 1:1,05.
  • Door Odd Tiger: compensation rate 1:0,75.
  • Door Tiger even: payout rate 1:1,05.
  • Door Black Dragon: payout rate 1:0,9.
  • Door Red Dragon: payout rate 1:0,9.
  • Door Black tiger: payout rate 1:0,9.
  • Door Red tiger: payout rate 1:0,9.

To calculate parity in the Dragon Tiger card game, bookmaker New88 rules that the points for each card will be determined as follows:

  • From card 2 to card 10, calculated according to the value displayed on the card.
  • Card A counts as 1 point.
  • The J, Q and K cards will be 11, 12 and 13 points respectively.

Bets will be open throughout the betting game until all cards are gone, except for even/odd and red/black bets which will only open for the first 30 games when using a new round of cards.

The process of betting on Dragon Tiger online game at New88

The operations of organizing an online Dragon Tiger table will be divided into two main stages, the card shuffling stage and the betting organizing stage. Each stage will have a specific process with strictly regulated operations, ensuring accuracy in every detail. Any incident that occurs while placing a bet will result in the decision to immediately cancel the result of that bet.

Principle of shuffling cards for a new turn

Not as simple as the usual ways to play Dragon Tiger, at New88’s WM casino lobby, the process of changing cards for a new round of play must be done in a complicated order, ensuring fairness and avoiding all risks. Fraud can occur. Players need to understand this process to ensure maximum benefits for themselves when playing Dragon Tiger here.

  • For a new round of cards, 8 decks of Western cards are provided to the dealer at the same time. At this time, the dealer is responsible for dividing the entire card into small parts and shuffling the cards together.
  • At the end of the shuffling process, 1 blocking card will be randomly dropped into any position between the cards, then this deck will start to have 10 cards, including the first 1 face-up card and 10 cards. 9 cards face down. These cards will be discarded and cannot be used in subsequent bets.
  • The dealer will make 1 more bet before switching to a new dealer, this will ensure there is no arrangement or intervention during the shuffling process to cheat the results.
  • Bets will be played one after another until a blocking card is encountered. The betting round will end and be exchanged for a new deck of cards. This process will be repeated continuously throughout the process of organizing Dragon Tiger game betting here.
  • The entire card shuffling process must take place publicly under the supervision of all players.

Betting process for Dragon Tiger game online

Players have 25 seconds to decide the bet and the bet amount for each bet.

To start betting, the dealer will take out the top card, then deal 1 card to the Dragon and 1 card to the Tiger. At this time, the player will choose the betting chip corresponding to the amount they want to bet.

Betting chips will be displayed right below the Dragon Tiger betting table, the value of each betting chip ranges from 10 to 50k points. Players can choose to place multiple chips of the same or different values ​​for the same bet, as long as they do not exceed the betting limit.

Betting limits may change with the following milestones:

  • Minimum 30 points and max 3,000 point.
  • Minimum 500 points and max 50,000 point.
  • Minimum 1,000 points and max 100,000 point.

Depending on financial ability, players set betting limits that suit them. The limit will be selected in the menu located in the top left corner of the game screen.

Once the bet has been placed, the player needs to click Confirm to complete the bet before the system locks the bet. Bets that are not confirmed before the bet lock time will be considered invalid and will not be rewarded. In addition, players can click Repeat if they want to reset the bet like the previous game with the same bet value. Or click Cancel if you want to change the bet amount or bet.

Immediately after the betting time expires, the system will lock the bet and will not accept any other bets. The dealer will open the cards and announce the results. The bonus will be based on the payout rate to be paid immediately to the winning player.

How to participate in Dragon Tiger betting online at bookmaker New88

As one of the leading bookmakers in Vietnam, it is easy to understand that New88 is always the priority choice for many betting enthusiasts. When you want to bet on any game at New88, players also need to register a member account here before starting to bet.

New88 encourages each member to use ONLY 1 account to transact for all betting products and services here. This not only helps the house manage and take better care of each player, but also helps players ensure security and stability during the product experience.

Here, you choose the Dragon Tiger game, then choose the table you want to play

After logging in to their member account, the player clicks on the CASINO item on the game menu, then selects the WM casino lobby. The interface is immediately returned to the game screen of the WM lobby.

Here, the player continues to select Dragon Tiger at the game selection panel on the far left edge of the screen, all currently held Dragon Tiger bets will be displayed on the main screen.

Players can base on the information provided for each betting table such as: number of players participating, dealer running the betting table, ongoing bets, etc. to choose the betting table that best suits you.

Once you have chosen a suitable betting table, you can participate in the betting game as soon as a new betting round is opened.

Notes for players when participating in Dragon Tiger online at bookmaker New88

To ensure the best results when betting on Dragon Tiger game, players should note the following points:

  • Please choose the betting limit setting that suits your financial ability. Not only is the bet limit for each game, but also the maximum limit of capital that the player will spend during the day. From there, proceed to divide betting capital appropriately and use this capital most effectively without leaving a deficit.
  • Each online Dragon Tiger betting table will provide a history table of the results of the most recent bets to players right at the bottom corner of the game interface. Players should not ignore this summary table, based on it players will be able to make more accurate decisions for subsequent bets. Through analyzing and evaluating the winning rate of each certain bet.
  • New and inexperienced players should prioritize choosing bets that ensure stable capital recovery such as Dragon/Tiger. You should not invest too much in bets with high payout rates, the risks for these bets are also very large.


If you are wondering what to choose to play Dragon Tiger online Where is the house? New88 will be the most perfect choice for every player. With the detailed instructions above, it is guaranteed that any player will easily grasp the rules of the game and immediately conquer the online Dragon Tiger game bets with the most confidence. Don’t miss this exciting playground and don’t forget that New88 also offers many great incentives for new members. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and register now!!!

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