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Online betting game platforms are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of entertainment life, especially for young people. In this rich and diverse world, gaming platforms provide us with attractive betting experiences, giving us the opportunity to double the bonus amount compared to the initial bet. One of the most popular and popular game platforms recently is the game Quay Animal.” In this article, we will explore in detail the experience of playing Spinning Animals as well as how to have the most enjoyable experience. at New88.
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A few things about the Animal Spinning Game

The game Spin the Animals does not require the stress of thinking or complex calculations. Instead, it gives you a gentle but extremely enjoyable experience. With a familiar interface, soothing sounds combined with adorable 3D images of familiar animals, this game is truly special. If you want to relax gently while still enjoying an exciting game, Quay Animal is definitely a great choice.

To participate in the game Quay Animal, you need to download the application from the official game portal and register an account. You can register with your phone number or Facebook. You only need to deposit an amount of 20,000 VND or more in your account, you can start participating in the game.

The experience of playing spinning animals should not be missed
To get high results when starting to play slot games, do not ignore the following useful tricks.

Find and choose games with high payouts

Choosing games with high payout rates is key. In the slot and slot game market, there are many different entertainment styles, meeting the experience needs of players. Choosing the wrong item with a low return rate can cause players to lose their chance to win. Therefore, a valuable advice is to choose items that are easy to play, easy to win with simple but still attractive betting methods. Products with high return rates will provide more chances for players to win.

Experience in playing and betting smartly

Bet with the right amount and number of paylines to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. In slot games, there are from 3 to 5 or even more Paylines. Each column of symbols, each payline has its own unique characteristics. To play slot games effectively, it is important to choose the correct betting line or payline.

Pay attention and limit double betting without a specific reason, because this can cause failure and loss of chances to win.

The two-fold approach is often considered the most effective and safest method of capital investment because players can guarantee a 100% profit without worrying about losing money. However, for this method to be most effective, players need to pay attention to the size of their capital and should not bet too large to avoid risks. 

This needs to be considered because this secret can cause the bet amount to gradually decrease if the player applies it for too long and too often, while not being able to take advantage of winning opportunities.

Turn off automatic mode

Although it was created to help players more conveniently during the betting process, for those who play pot with the goal of making a profit, this function is not always really useful. Therefore, if possible, when feeling tired of constantly failing, players should turn off automatic mode to avoid losing too much money.

Choose when to play

When to play is also an important factor. Usually, the house sets a strong drawing time to help players easily achieve higher profits. However, the experience of playing this game is not guaranteed to always bring benefits, but also depends on the number of pots and the number of players participating. According to experts, early morning or late evening hours often have more jars offered, while office hours or afternoons often have fewer participants.
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Change the spin speed to optimize your chances of winning

Players can adjust the spin speed in the slot game by changing the number of times they press the spin button. Therefore, if a player has had a win in the previous spin, they should continue with the same pressing frequency to increase their chances of winning in the next spins.

Take advantage of incentives from the house to increase your betting capital

Promotions are an important method that bookmakers use to attract players. These offers usually include bet refunds, free spins, lucky draws and many other types of bonuses.

Keep a strong mentality

Playing psychology is equally important in the betting process. Maintaining calm and confidence in all situations is important. Being too subjective or careless can easily lead to losses, whether the player is winning or losing.

Avoid playing games with too large jackpots

Playing games with huge jackpots can give you a chance to win big, but winning in these games is often not as easy as many people think. Instead of setting too big a goal, the advice for players is to participate in basic betting rounds and accumulate small amounts into big ones.

Practice and learn more about the tricks of playing spinner

Practicing regularly and learning about the tricks of slot games is never in vain. Each game or table has its own rules, and mastering them helps players increase their chances of success when participating.

Set a boundary for how much you are willing to play

Setting betting limits is an important strategy that all players need to understand to achieve optimal results. Bettors need to determine a reasonable stopping point to end when they reach the loss level or when they have reached the maximum bonus they set for each playing day. Don’t let greed or the desire to win lose control and lead you to easily lose money.


New88 hopes that this article has helped you better understand the experience of playing Quay Animal and will be helpful in your gaming journey. Wishing you good luck and big wins at New88!

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