Cheating coin toss in the high-tech era causes big losses for bettors

Hi-tech coin toss is one of the tricks that traditional bookmakers use to benefit themselves and collect unjustly large profits from players. That’s why all bettors when playing this game do not want to fall into such high-tech traps. In the content of this article New88 will share with readers and bettors some of the fraudulent coin-tossing devices and how to avoid these devices.
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Learn about the tools used in high-tech coin tossing

For bookmakers who intend to use fraudulent coin toss to collect illegal profits, they often use high-tech coin tossing tools as follows:

Use a container with a camera attached 

This is one of the tools that bookmakers use in high-tech coin toss games. It can be said that this type of bowl used is designed very meticulously and sophisticatedly. When the designer has attached a tiny camera device to the bowl to monitor, even if it is broken, you will not be able to see this camera.  

When the dealer uses a bowl that contains a surveillance camera, they will be able to see all the images inside the bowl. The entire process of shaking the discs and giving the final results will be transmitted accurately through a mobile device that the dealer can observe remotely. 

Camera mounting plate

In addition to using bowls with cameras attached, scammers also use plates with tiny remote monitoring devices. And when the dealer uses a camera-mounted disc product in high-tech coin toss, he or she will know the entire outcome of the game. From there, the house will entice players to bet on doors that do not return results to collect profits. It can be said that with this method, the house will earn a lot of money from bettors without us, the players, even knowing. 

Sometimes these devices are also applied by players for detection through a mobile system that displays the results. You will know the outcome of that game of dice, and with this method, your bet will be 100% accurate.


Xoc surf is one of the high-tech coin-tossing devices with a pretty good design. This type of shock will not be attached to the disc or bowl, but will be attached to the item the player carries, such as a cell phone or lighter. 

Fraudulent bookies using this tool will know the results through the following types of sensors:
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  • When the coin toss returns an odd result, the coin toss will vibrate once 
  • If the result of shaking the disc is Tu Tu, then the shaking tool will vibrate twice 
  • And when the result of the coin toss comes back double, the toss toss will not use either one 

When talking about the accuracy of this device in modern coin toss, it gives quite effective and accurate results. That’s why there are many fraudulent bookmakers using this method to increase their profits. Therefore, you should be very careful and alert with these types of devices to avoid being scammed out of money 

Use a military position with a magnet attached 

The use of military cards with magnets is also considered a popular high-tech coin-tossing device. Because designing military positions with magnetic induction is one of the extremely easy and extremely convenient ways to do it, sometimes it’s not worth much money. Meanwhile, the effective properties that military positions with magnets bring are very great.  

With magnets attached to the cards used in high-tech coin-tossing, they will be designed in two parts: the mounting base and the pieces as follows:  

  • When using camera-mounted stools, they will be made from many different materials and will usually include two types: with and without straps. 
  • The mounting platform is designed separately or can be attached directly to the disc. Depending on the nature of each game, this pedestal will have different appropriate mounting positions. 

Once the bookmakers apply this trick coin tossing tool, they can completely know the outcome of the game and sometimes can even control it. And all results of the dice game are emitted from the card with a tang or no tang on the mounted pedestal and then transmitted to the phone device for the watcher. 

Dimensions from Nano

The high-tech coin-tossing device also used by bookmakers is the Nano magnetic mat with a sophisticated design and is difficult to detect. This mat will have a circuit board design inside the player’s mat. 

After the dealer finishes shaking the disc, they just need to place the disc in the correct position on the circuit board below the mat, then the results of the game will be transmitted directly to the vibrator. Based on that, the dealer will know 100% whether the result is heads or tails from the coins inside the disc.  

And at the present time, the designs of these circuit boards are mostly suitable for popular types of mats on the market such as plastic mats, sedge mats or palm mats… And to avoid playing at casinos that use Using high-tech coin-tossing tools, it is safest to sit and play on tile or wooden floors. 

To avoid situations where casinos use fraudulent coin toss applications. In the next section we will tell you some ways to prevent cases like this. 

Methods to prevent fraudulent disc jockeys

We can avoid encountering bookmakers who use high-tech fraudulent coin-tossing tools as follows:

  • First, if you want to play coin toss in the traditional way, choose truly reputable addresses to play. In Vietnam, the entertainment betting sector has not been licensed to operate legally, but there are also a number of casinos in Phu Quoc and Ha Long that operate transparently. And if you have the means, you can also play at these casinos without having to worry about fraud. 
  • And if you choose to play online coin toss, choose bookmaker addresses that are clearly licensed to operate and have clear origins. Remember that table lines originating from Asia will always ensure the reputation of players and will never occur when using high-tech coin toss to cheat. 
  • On tables where a player cannot beat the dealer, you can be sure that a trick coin toss tool is being used. 
  • With the traditional way of playing, where the house does not allow players to check the coin-bossing tools, this is also one of the signs for you to identify that this playground is a scam. 


So with the above article, we have compiled high-tech coin-tossing tools that are often used at traditional casinos. And to avoid these scams, you can register to play online because here you will never encounter such situations. 

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