10 Great DIY Craft Blogs to Get You Started

DIY projects provide a creative outlet to express yourself, craft something beautiful, and enjoy leisure activities. Not only that, but it can also save money by reusing and upcycling items that no longer serve you. If you need inspiration for your next craft project, a good DIY blog is an invaluable source of ideas.

Sisters Emma and Elsie run A Beautiful Mess, a successful crafts blog featuring an array of DIY projects from jewelry and fashion to decor and skincare. Additionally, there are delicious recipes that encourage healthy living.

Paper & Stitch is an organic living and DIY blog that provides hundreds of creative, easy-to-do projects as well as unique room makeovers. Brittni Mehlhoff – art director and stylist for the blog – created all of the stylish yet uncluttered designs you’ll find throughout its website.

Mod Podge Rocks is an inspiring blog for crafters who love to add color and creativity to their lives with DIYs made with the versatile material Mod Podge. It offers a range of themed content as well as helpful tutorials, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for quickly and easily.

Sharing the work of other artists and craftspeople on Instagram can be an inspiring way to expand your own audience. The “Featured Artist” section on the site showcases talented artisans.

Add photo essays to your blog for a visual story-telling combination of text and images. You can also use a background remover free tool to customize your image.This allows you to showcase your creativity and style in an exclusive manner that suits the brand.

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No matter if you are an expert DIYer or just starting out, the top craft blogs will give you plenty of ideas and tutorials to stoke your creative fire. Plus, they teach new techniques and skills so that your craft can progress even further.

These crafters on this blog are passionate about their work and do it with a lot of love. They often use recycled materials and think outside the box to create something special. Plus, they all possess an infectious sense of humor as well as an impeccable eye for design.

These are just a few of the many outstanding craft blogs available. There are thousands more, each offering their unique style and personality. If you need some motivation, check out these 10 incredible DIY blogs to help get you started on your own journey!

Sisters Emma and Elsie run A Beautiful Mess, a successful blog that offers various crafts. It specializes in DIY jewelry and fashion projects; these talented ladies boast an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from necklaces to dresses.

They offer a vast selection of craft projects suitable for small children, such as cardboard castles and American Girl doll outfits. Not only are these activities super fun and exciting to do, but they’re also an excellent way to keep kids occupied when it’s raining or snowing outside.

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